About Us


Julhas Handicrafts, producer of environment friendly handicraft products started its journey in 2003. Officially established as a Exporter in 2018. We have kept our attitude as a pioneer in home decoration. We mainly work with natural fibers such as Seagrass, Jute, Palm Leaf, Date Leaf, Rattan and River grass.

Our product range includes different kinds of Fruit Baskets, Laundry Baskets, Kitchen Baskets, Garden Baskets, Bags, Poufs, Rugs, Floor and Door Mats.

Our key expertise in crafting products that match the artistic requirements of our clients. The products can be customized or newly developed as per the design and specification as provided by our clients.

Our products meet both sustainable standards and the requirements of your market.


Our main objective is to present the richness of our natural Bangladeshi raw materials in the shape of "Home Décor" products.


We manufacture eco-friendly Home Décor products that meet all relevant standards for your market, and we do so ensuring the high quality that our clients know us for.